Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sorting Out A Life

My yarns, fabric and even my sewing machine are now in boxes.  All the mystery boxes in the closet have been sorted too.  I couldn't have done it all this fast if I hadn't already have started to destash a couple years ago.  I learned to let go of my past dreams and hopes of what I wanted to create.  And now it has been put into practice.

Packing up a life is filled with so many surprises.  I went through my whole life, non-sequentially, in the last few days.  From birth certificate to school records, to courtship & marriage on up to today.  My life has been packed away in just a few boxes.  And more importantly, what I don't want to hang on to, has been sorted out.

I'm sorting out my life, one box at a time.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Day Our World Changed

Today held the biggest change in our marriage except for our wedding day.  It's the day my husband was given an offer of a new job.  And with this job, there would be a new state, a new house and a new start.

This started months ago after he was contacted to interview at a company on the east coast.  That one didn't pan out but the impetus to look for a new job had begun.  Things have ramped up the last week until there were two possible job offers, both for Billings, Montana.  Early this afternoon, the first offer arrived.

We are excited about the opportunity to move west and see what life has to offer 800 miles to the west of us.  Thank you for being a part of our journey too!