Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sorting Out A Life

My yarns, fabric and even my sewing machine are now in boxes.  All the mystery boxes in the closet have been sorted too.  I couldn't have done it all this fast if I hadn't already have started to destash a couple years ago.  I learned to let go of my past dreams and hopes of what I wanted to create.  And now it has been put into practice.

Packing up a life is filled with so many surprises.  I went through my whole life, non-sequentially, in the last few days.  From birth certificate to school records, to courtship & marriage on up to today.  My life has been packed away in just a few boxes.  And more importantly, what I don't want to hang on to, has been sorted out.

I'm sorting out my life, one box at a time.

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