Friday, May 15, 2015

Farewell, 90's Wallpaper

For the last few days, we had a wonderful crew, Doug's parents come and take down the wallpaper in the basement family room and hallway.  While Doug had to work and I continued to pack, they kept busy at the task.  The family room no longer has that crazy pink and blue wallpaper and it's now a nice antique white.

We have another painting crew coming tomorrow.  But this will be Doug's last week at home, so we'll concentrate on getting him ready to go.  When he leaves next weekend he'll be taking with all the things we need to set up our apartment and live for about 6 months in Billings.  Julie will continue continue to get the house packed up and ready to list for sale.  After that's done, Escher and she will move to Billings too.

If you'd like to help with the painting, cleaning and other projects after the moving party, please let Julie know.  She'll be happy to have the help and the company.  And the good news is, no more wallpaper removal!  You can thank Doug's parents for that.

And if I forget, please remind me before we purchase our next house - DON'T BUY A HOUSE FULL OF WALLPAPER!

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