Friday, May 29, 2015

Stage One - Complete!

Last weekend we packed up the truck with a little help from friends and family.  We had a 16 foot rental truck and packed it in about an hour - and it wasn't completely full.  The next morning Doug and I headed west to Billings and split our journey into two days.

It was perfect driving weather - overcast so it wasn't too sunny and no rain.  By early afternoon on Sunday, we had arrived at our apartment.  We dug out a few essentials and our mattress and called it good until the next day.

We hired movers to help us unload the truck, since some of the furniture would be hard to do with just us two.  Just before the movers came, we couldn't find the key to the padlock.  After much searching, Doug went to get a bolt cutter.  Even though we had hired the movers for 2 hours and didn't get into the truck until a half hour in, they still got everything unloaded with time to spare.

Most of the boxes went into the garage, the rest into the the apartment.  There is plenty of room left in both places for more things.  I can't help but remember when we moved into our house in Buffalo, how much stuff we had.  We are moving out with a lot less stuff.

We put our bed together, situated the living room, found plates and silverware, set up new phones and utilities and then the weekend was over.  Doug started work on Tuesday and I flew home on Wednesday.  I'm now packing the house up in Buffalo and coordinating the last few projects.  My dog will arrive on Saturday from a stay at one of his favorite places - Doug's parents.

Doug's phone number will change as of the first of the month.  My number is the same for now.  Please contact us for the new info if you don't hear from us soon.

And here's the rough plan of what's happening next:

  • Finish projects and packing in Buffalo
  • List home for sale
  • Julie and Escher move to Billings
  • House sells (the quicker the better!)
  • We buy a new home and do our final move
Whew!  Please keep us in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you too.

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